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Trade fair content

Cogeneration is booming. Not only in Germany are there new market opportunities arising from the challenges of the energy transition.  The interCOGEN®  provides the optimum platform for presenting new and innovative technologies. It takes place as part of the CEB® energy efficiency exhibition from 27-28 June 2018.

The interCOGEN® is a central marketplace for the entire cogeneration industry. This is where leaders in the energy transition meet to plan the energy future 4.0 with the help of cogeneration technology, virtual power plants and smart energy distribution and control systems.

The interCOGEN® is one of the leading exhibition and conference events for cogeneration in Germany. It is integrated into the CEB® which is one of the most important information exchange platforms in Germany for the industry – attracting nearly 40,000 visitors to the event’s website and over 1,500 qualified visitors from 10 countries.

In addition, the interCOGEN® is the perfect arena for exploring dynamically growing fields of innovation. Developers of groundbreaking future technologies will be presenting in the Practice Forum and in the Innovation Park for start-up companies.

Take advantage of the opportunity to interact with other experts at the Cogeneration Conference and the Cogeneration Forums. The event offers you a chance to engage in discussions of the sector’s most vital issues and improve your expertise.

TRADE Visitor groups

Energy economy

» Energy suppliers, municipal utilities
» Electricity traders, stockbrokers, network operators

Fuel economy

» Natural gas, biogas, landfill gas, sewage, wood energy


» Industry & Trade
» Community facilities
» Housing & Real Estate Industry
» Hospitals, nursing homes
» Hotels and hospitality

Public administration

Service economy

» Energy management, -consulting
» Facility management
» Engineering offices, consulting, contracting
» IT, software, automation
» Financing, funding, insurance, law

Science & Research

CHP-Provider and Manufacturer

» Manufacturers, suppliers, system providers, trade

Press, Politics, Associations

Trade Fair themes

» Large CHP (> 10 MWe)
» Mid-sized CHP (2-10 MWe)
» Small-CHP (50 kWe -2 MWe)
» Tiny-CHP (15-50 kWe)
» Mini-CHP (2-15 kWe)
» Micro-CHP (< 2 kWe)

» Fuel cell
» Steam engine & turbines
» Gas turbine
» CCGT (Combined cycle gas turbines)
» ORC system
» Kalina-Cycle-System
» Stirling engine
» Combustion engines (petrol and diesel)

» Filters
» Gas control systems
» Generators
» Fireplace and exhaust systems
» Cold und heat exchanger
» Measurement and control technology
» Engine oil
» Piping systems
» Sound insulation
» Lubricants

» Consulting
» Energy services
» Energy supply and trade
» Financing
» Funding
» Media
» Planning services
» Tax and legal services
» Associations, networks
» Certification

» Data safety and protection
» Energy data collection
» Instrumentation and control engineering
» Smart Energy
» Smart Grid
» Smart Metering
» Virtual power plants
» Visualization

» Absorption chillers
» Adsorption chillers
» Biogas & bio natural gas
» Cool storage
» Mobile applications
» Process heating
» Buffer storage
» Energy storage
» Heating networks
» Heat storage